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Date:2007-02-23 22:17
Subject:New icon and community
Mood: chipper

Okay, I joined this place called Hogwarts is History. It's a lovely role play community that puts the drama at Hogwarts, people, go see it. And the new icon is my play by, Evan Rachel Wood, for my character of Hermione. Isn't she lovely? Anyway, I'm reading the synopsis, and it's so damned cool. Check it out!


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Date:2007-02-22 12:13
Subject:Hogwarts Elite application
Mood: calm

Wit beyond measure is a man"s greatest treasure.Collapse )

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Date:2007-02-22 11:56
Subject:Testing... again.

More cut testing. I've never done this before.

Sometimes it worksCollapse )

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Date:2007-02-22 11:54
Subject:Testing cut

Just testing.

Thinking of a wordCollapse )

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Date:2007-02-22 11:34
Subject:Hogwarts Elite
Mood: bouncy

zomg, I have found this place called Hogwarts Elite. It's a community and it is so... different. Brilliant! Check it out and join, Potter lovers! I've just filled out the application... it feels like an exam or a job applcation. Really cool.

Okay, I got an email back from ColorOfAngels and annie, two of the most celebrated Harry Potter fanfiction authors of our time. I've asked them for interviews and they have agreed. I'm sure I'm not the only one thirsting for these girls' secrets. annie has written the acclaimed "The Sweetest Sin" and "A Thousand Words" while ColorOfAngels has written the loved "Just Married... Kinda" and "Life Happens". The interviews will be taken probably Monday, or Tuesday.

*dies of pure bliss*


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Date:2007-02-21 13:27
Mood: creative

Note to self: Visit community Elite_Hogwarts and get sorted.

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Date:2007-02-20 10:50
Subject:New myspace

Woot! My myspace is ready for viewing! The URL is If, for some reason that is beyond me, someone is reading this pitiful update, GO VISIT THE PAGE! Okay, nothing to say now, so I'll update again later or something.


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Date:2007-02-19 17:26
Subject:My best friend's brother
Mood: restless

I bought Twilight the day before yesterday. I've already finished it and am now worried that my money has gone to hell. It wasn't better the second time around as it was the first. I don't like it much but I think it's good that I bought it, you know, for my fanfics. I've chosen to name my character Hayden Alexander, which will change to Hayden Alexander Cullen when he's changed and stuff. Bella will change along with him, so they'll bond and stuff, and then he falls in love with her. I have to read New Moon first, before I start writing, so Mya's letting me borrow it. The next time I see her (next Sunday... OSCARS!!) she'll hand it over for the week until the next Sunday.

Man, I have to catch up on Studio 60. I have one episode to watch, then I can see the new one tonight. Oooh.

I can't take my eyes off that Jeremy DuFour avatar. He's utterly breathtaking. Perfect Edward for anyone with half a mind. God. *faints*

Okay, I have so much to say, but I can't seem to piece it all together. I guess I should start by saying that I think I fancy my friend's brother. I won't say names for obvious reason. But my God, he's so handsome. Nothing on Jeremy, of course, but still. He's like the Edward of this forsaken town for me. I've considered telling my friend that I fancy her brother many times, but, even though I know she'll get over it and stop laughing eventually, I just can't bring myself to seeing the smug... and maybe somewhat repulsed look on her face. Perhaps it's better this way. We're friends but there's things we keep from each other... that just can't be shared. But it's completely against tradition, so I don't have a chance with him and even if I did, I wouldn't grasp it. I can't fall in love, no matter what I do. It defiles tradition and the very foundations upon which my family was built, and the generation before me and the generation before them. And for some reason, that actually matters to me.

Anyway, no one can know who he is. No one. It would ruin everything.

But I can't help but stare sometimes. I don't remember ever having a "crush" so to speak. Last one was Fifth grade, but he was three years older than me and I was 4 foot 10. Pitiful. It's like in the movies, like when the girl is staring, and the guy turns in her direction, but not necessarily toward her, and she looks away quickly. The one time he talked to me (he's talked to me before, but that was when he was fourteen, and still developing...), I was afraid of opening my mouth because I thought the butterflies would spill out and give me away. So I just smiled warmly and he walked out of the room. As soon as he left, I slammed my head on the desk and closed my eyes, berating myself for not saying something. Damn hormones.

Seriously, I think this is the longest thing I've ever written in livejournal since I got it early last year. How odd.


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Date:2007-02-16 10:20
Subject:I'm a fucking poser
Mood: complacent

I'm on Quizzila, and I see this test that tells me what my name should be. I'll post the results up here. And I updated my userpic to this utterly beautiful person posing as Edward Cullen, from Twilight. And he just takes my breath away everytime I look at him. I mean, just look! Isn't he the perfect fucking Edward? He's an international supermodel named Jeremy DuFour. He's FRENCH! *faints* zomg, HOW BEAUTIFUL CAN ONE PERSON GET????

Ugh, I don't feel like writing. *keels over and dies*


Ashley - Your real name should be Ashley. People with the name Ashley are usually the biggest posers in the entire world. They have no minds of their own and cling on to any and all trend(s) that come along.

Fuck, that's me?

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Date:2007-01-26 16:19
Subject:Another Twist of Fate
Mood: bitchy


Forget what I said about fate bending over backwards for me, okay? Forget it. Yesterday, on the same day that the miracle happened, only at like, 8:00 pm, I was helping my fat ass brother finish his fat ass homework that he was assigned last week that he conveniently left until the last possible moment for me to bust my imaginary balls working on it. So when I finished, it was 8 and I wanted to sleep because I barely got any sleep the night before. So I'm in the basement and I'm about to leave, and my dad comes in from the entertainment room where the TV is and tells me not to sleep so we can watch this movie that started that he paused (we have DVR). So I say, "Record it, I'm going to sleep". And he just ignores me and walks up the stairs to do something. Okay, so I get pissed off and go into the entertainment room to see what the fucking fuss is about and lo and behold, the movie is 'Elektra', a movie I've wanted to see forever. But it had started at 7:30 and I wanted to see it from the beginning. And it has some sex in it, so I didn't want to see it with my dad. So I went into the guide to see if there was another showing of 'Elektra' that week, and there was one the next day. So I pressed the record button and then this message popped up telling me that I had no space to record because my DVR list was full. So, swearing, I go to the DVR list to erase something so I can record 'Elektra' and I see a show called 'Without a Trace' and I've never seen an episode of 'Without a Trace" so I select that one only instead of pressing erase, I, being a dumb ass, pressed play. And it played.

The problem here it that my dad has blocked every single channel with the exception of Nickelodeon and Cartoonnetwork, so 'Without a Trace' played because everything was unblocked. Now, if I am in the entertainment room alone, with the TV unblocked, a program playing that is supposed to be blocked, on a channel that definetly not the one my dad was on before he disappeared earlier, what would that look like?

It would look like I would totally die to get any oppertunity to watch some unblocked TV.

And I wouldn't because if I ever want anything, I would ask them to unblock it for me. I gave up searching for the code years ago. Besides, if I'm not watching TV with them, I have mom unblock Studio 60, American Idol, and Project Runway. I don't care, really.

But my dad was coming down the stairs, and I didn't want him to see me watching 'Without a Trace' and so I deleted it from the DVR list and clicked last. And it took me to some fucking disco channel where they played fucking 70s music. Feeling mutinous, I channeled down and into the Starz network, the movie channels. Then, while I was flipping through the channels, looking for the network that was playing 'Elektra', my dad came in and looking a cross between disappointed and pissed off. I glared at him, not bothering to tell him that it wasn't what it looked like.

Then, while I was trudging up the stairs, I realized that fate had smacked my ass twice. Once, for making me press play instead of erase, and the other for making my dad walk in while I was channel surfing.

This in response for how amazed I was when it acted in my favor when the gallon water thing ripped on my dad's new pants.

I think I jinxed it. Fuck.


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Date:2007-01-25 16:29
Subject:A Twist of Fate
Mood: contemplative

Okay, okay. I know I haven't updated in like... ten years, but get over it. The weirdest thing happened today. Well, my dad came home for his lunch break and everything's going fine. I finished my lunch and was about to go to the basement to watch TV and my dad says, "How's French going?" And I'm like, "Good," because that's what I always say. And let me tell you, it's not going good at all. It's like a fucking nightmare. Since I don't go online, like, ever, I use some French class time to go online and that results in me not exactly going well in French. But my dad doesn't know that. My dad thinks I'm brilliant. He thinks I'm going to finish in no time at all. But I'll need another year to finish. Now, I'm standing by the counter, waiting for my dad to finish blabbering so I can watch some fucking TV and he starts to ask me questions. He reaches for the one gallon water thing to pour some water for himself as he says, "Which lesson are you on?" And I'm frozen because, well, what can I say? The honset answer? Lesson one? He'd flay me. So I opened my mouth to lie and he started to pour water into his cup and you won't believe what happened next. The water gallon thing totally ripped-- that's right, it ripped-- and water was everywhere, including on my dad's work pants. And he had to go to work in like, 3 minutes. So he swore and ran up the stairs to change and I was standing there, my mouth agape, completely flummoxed.

Can it be possible that, for perhaps the first time in my life, things happened in my favor?

That water spilled because I was in a tight spot. It totally trashed his pants and he had to change, completely forgetting about French. It was a twist of fate, I tell you. I still can't believe it!

Things are finally looking up.


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Date:2006-03-05 22:39
Mood: blah

Blah blah blah

I'm bored.

I've just logged on and I'm bored.

Ugh God, exams are in a week. I think I'm going to shoot myself. I've been studying for them for a while but since I don't know exactly what's going to be on there, I've been studying everything. It's actually quite annoying.

I figure that as soon as I finish school and become a damn lawyer, I can finally breathe. Maybe I'll go to France or Ireland or something and buy me something nice. *smiles* That would be nice. I could go all on my own. Just wander the streets all by my self and think. Hmmm.

Oh! *suddenly thrown out of dream world* I was at freaking Barnes & Noble today, right? And I found a nice book called French for Dummies. It was a language book. Well my dad said he'd get it for me (probably because my sister told him to because she would steal it from me when we got home) and so I happily walked toward the place where you effing pay and then he said he had changed his goddamn mind and then I couldn't buy it.


Then he gave my sister money.


I haven't gotten any money since freaking November. He gives my sister money all the time.



PS: Satisfied, Misteaque? I didn't say fuck at all! :*

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Date:2006-02-26 23:32
Subject:A letter to the parents
Mood: distressed

Dear mom and dad,

Fuck you.

I'm sorry you favor my sister over me even if she is an asshole, okay, but it's not my fault. I'm sorry you don't think I'll win any medals during the MIST tournament, okay, but it's not my fault you have no fucking faith in me. I'm sorry you'd rather fuck yourselves than be my parents, but that one was entirely your fault. You had me! SO LIVE WITH IT!

Just die in your sleep one day and leave me to be free. So go to hell and stop breathing my air.


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Date:2006-02-24 01:08
Subject:first entry!

I had a myspace account once upon a time. A really nice one. It was purple and shiny and it had nice pictures and everything! Then my parents found out and went mad. Then the bastards said I couldn't go online, ever again. So now I am forced to go on in the dead of the night, bleary eyed and sleepy, just to check my Goddamn email. God, my parents are so isolated form society, they died when they saw my myspace. I swear I had nothing wrong up there! I didn't make any indication to meet anyone and I didn't do a thing yet here I am, typing into my damn computer and one a.m! Stupid bastards. What the fuck do they know? "We're just trying to protect you!" Well, you can take it and just shove it up your ass because I don't give a flying fuck anymore so there! God.

The school made a big deal about myspace, too. Bitches. They should just go off and grade their damn papers because I don't need them placing their hairy asses in my business.


Wow. I have a lot on my mind.

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